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Jun 14, 2024 blog post:
  • Flag Day: Happy 247th Birthday!
  • Superior Donuts at The Dayton Theatre Guild ‐ On The Stage: The game is still on, going into Weekend Number Two!
  • Directing Wednesday's Child ‐ Dayton Theatre Guild ‐ OCTA: And then there's the next gig....
K.L. on stage - SUPERIOR DONUTS at The Dayton Theatre Guild 430 Wayne Ave. Dayton, Ohio 45410 - Join K.L. and his castmates: K.L.Storer as Arthur Przybyszewski, Andre Tomlinson as Franco Wicks, Mike Beerbower as Max Tarasov, Heather Martin as Officer Randy Osteen, Percy Vera as Officer James Bailey, Max Santucci as Luther Flynn, Jennifer Lockwood as Lady Boyle, Brandon Teeple as Kevin Magee, Patrick Wanzer as Kiril Ivakin
Available Now - VIRTUALLY APPROXIMATE SUBTERFUGE, K.L.Storer - full-length album.

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